Section: Chapter News
REFORMA de Florida: Back in the Saddle

The REFORMA de Florida chapter is back in the saddle, as the REFORMA de Florida Vision 2020 Task Force has updated the chapter’s bylaws to reflect its membership’s desire for outreach in all parts of the state and fleshed out its objectives.

REFORMA Northeast Chapter 16th Annual Joint Mini-Conference 2020: ¡Sí se pudo!

The global pandemic hit in the midst of planning for this year’s conference, and with social distancing in place I proposed to the JMC Organizing Committee the idea of moving the conference online, something new for all of us. I am proud to say that everyone joined in and supported the idea - and worked really hard to make it happen, learning and having fun along the way!

REFORMA de Florida: Rising Up From the Ashes

For many years, REFORMA de Florida has been inactive. Since June 2019, members of the chapter have been working with Manny Figueroa, REFORMA’s East Region Chapter Representative, to figure out ways to revitalize the chapter. When the President of the chapter resigned in May 2020, the REFORMA de Florida Vision 2020 Task Force was formed, with the goal of rebuilding the chapter until new officers are elected.