Section: Adult Book Reviews
Women Are Like Chickens

A fun, frothy, at times, bittersweet novel of Chicana womanhood. Sisters Alex and Lea and their friends live with brio and angst in a close-knit California community. The two sisters are born and reared in the family's restaurant business. As mere teenagers they are thrust into ownership of the restaurant. Happily and improbably they are wildly successful. Their restaurant becomes a destination for California foodies (a clientele their mother dismisses as 'los otros.').

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In Defense of My People:
Un buen morir:

To understand and work with a dying person helps us to accept and manage our own outcome or death as a natural process with all its human and spiritual implications. This is the concept that author Daniel Behar brings in his book in which he shares the research he made on the various approaches that exist on the subject, especially those findings and concepts developed by Elizabeth Kubler Ross one of the most important exponents of this new science called Thanatology

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Viva La Tradicion

Viva La Tradicion- Premio Hilos Culturales 2000-2012 is a pictorial/biographical book that illustrates an important part of a living American heritage- the Hispanos in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. It offers a unique insight and understanding of an artistic genre that is little known beyond the upper Rio Grande region.

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Musica para ver

This book published in 2003, is a collection of 60 pages with drawings of musicians and experiences related to musical activities. "Musica para ver" will be a treasure for any fan of the music. As Bernardo Rodriguez states in his introduction to the original edition: "What I have tried to do is present a book [that] with original drawings using paper, ink, ... Read Mas!

La casa de enfrente

The small coastal town of Roquesas de Mar is terrified by the disappearance of one of young Sandra Lopez, 16 years of age. When her horribly mutilated body is found, suspicion falls on Alvaro Alsina.

Marajo. Ancient Ceramics from Mouth of the Amazon

This book presents Denver's Marajo ceramics to the public for the first time.

Zen y el arte del mantenimiento de la motocicleta

Spanish translation of the seminal classic Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Muerte a la americana.

A Spanish translation of Mitford's updated classic The American Way of Death.

Musica para ver

La historia del libro nace de mi propia experiencia personal como pintor y dibujante, esa sintonia que se encuentra intimamente ligada la inspiracion a la hora de trabajar, es por ello que en un momento comienzo a elaborar la posibilidad de difundir aquello que me acompana, que desde mi mas tierna infancia y adolescencia me ayudo a crear la obra plastica y visual que hoy me reconoce. Read Mas!

Rebozos by Carmen Tafolla & Catalina Garate de Garcia

Who would have known that a rebozo (shawl) would have such significant meaning to so many women of Mexico? It has become a cultural icon to them. I have owned several rebozos that have had meaning to me since they were given to me or I bought in Mexico not knowing there was a significant meaning behind them... Read Mas!

Book Title: El libro de las letras, de la A a la Z, y no es diccionario by Victoria Garcia Jolly

The author took many years to study, compile, organize, and write all the information she found to create this book. On top of that, she did it cheerfully. She started writing it as a series of articles for her Graphic Design class, which later became this book. The author analyzes the 27 letters of the Spanish alphabet, including Ch and Ll. Read Mas!

52 tips para escribir claro y entendible

Eusebio Ruvalcaba wrote a very interesting book to read whether or not you want to write a book. Why 52 tips you might ask, well the year has 52 weeks and if you are a good student you will practice a tip every week. Read Mas!

Sublime Blue: Selected Early Odes of Pablo Neruda

What a treat to dive into these sublime odes by one of the world's greatest poets.After almost 50 years, Pablo Neruda's poetry still captivates through its energy, wit, and grand passion for the ordinary. The poetry sparkles with a unique prism of naturalism through which elemental materials become fascinating jigsaws. Read Mas!

El Ama de casa bilingue

Marta Perrone is a Spanish American who has developed this audiovisual kit focused on development and training in the area of home organization, cooking, cleaning, laundry, table setting, serving and child care. She has been recognized for her work by the Day Laborers Organization. Her first book Help! How to Find, Hire Train and Maintain your Household Help won the Mom's Choice Award in 2009. Read Mas!

The Old Man's Love Story

A Old Man's Love Story is a very poignant novella written for all adult readers. Albeit a very different genre for Anaya, anyone who has read his books will not be disappointed; anyone who hasn't, will be moved by the old man's story. Written in first person, the story is about an elderly man who has lost the love of his life - his wife, best friend, and soul mate - and the grieving and recovery processes dealing with his great loss. Read Mas!

No One Said a Word by Paula Varsavsky

Originally published in hardcover by Ontario Review Press (2000) this is an evocative story of a dissonance daughter, Luz Goldman, a peronista, who is also the narrator. Luz is the oldest child of an Argentina university professor and she is torn between living with her divorce parents, her mother in Buenos Aires and her father, and his new wife in New York. Read Mas!


The first of Fideicomiso Historia de las Americas' ambitious Serie Ciudades, author and Mexican Archaeologist Eduardo Matos Moctezuma's Tenochtitlan concentrates on the daunting myth and complex history of one of Mexico's most popular archeological sites. Drawing upon his years of experience, archaeological findings and 16th century records for his work, Moctezuma has illuminated pre-Hispanic life of urban antiquity. Read Mas!

Monte Alban

From the onset of Monte Alban's introduction, author and anthropologist Joyce Marcus addresses age old questions that one might ask after being fortunate enough to visit an historic or in this case a pre-historic (pre-Columbian) site or museum exhibit dedicated to such. Set against a backdrop of mountains in southern Mexico and nestled in the Oaxaca Valley, Monte Alban stands as a monument to a civilization now past. Read Mas!

Los Gendarmes de Dios:

So what is Opus Dei? The standard answer is that it is a Catholic institution that sees work and everyday life as occasions for growing closer to God. Los Gendarmes de Dios takes us further and demonstrate how Opus Dei with its absolute control of its members, cunning infiltration and management of educational, financial, and governmental institutions Read Mas!

The Buena Salud Guide for a Healthy Heart/La guia de Buena Salud para un corazon sano
The president and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, the nation's largest organization of health and human service providers to Hispanics, wrote these books as part of the Buena Salud series, which aims to educate Latinos about a variety of health issues common to the community.

200 Years of Latino History in Philadelphia (1812-2012)

Philadelphia was not just the center of the United States struggle for independence; it was also a center point for Latin American leaders looking for ideas in realizing their own sovereignty. If you wanted your freedom, Philadelphia was the place to be, and plenty of Latinos were there for the party. Read Mas!

Pathways to Progress:

I first read Salvador Guerena's (Sal) in graduate school while enrolled in the Knowledge River program and his 1990 handbook put a fire under many colleagues at the time fighting over the English only initiatives in Arizona and swearing we had to make library world a better place and with activism as our middle names. A decade many of us still feel strongly about our activism in the LIS profession for underrepresented populations most notably the Native American.
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Kind of Kin

Rilla Askew is an Oklahoma author with a heart of gold and a way with a story. Her latest novel places an Oklahoma family at the center of the vortex that was unleashed with the implementation of harsh immigration laws that foreshadowed harsher laws in Arizona and other states. Read Mas!


Conjuro is a magnificenttour de force. Xanath Caraza's poetry weaves together a tapestry of languages, places, and time. She calls forth the departed, the oppressed, the forgotten. They speak to here and through her--with passion, power and authenticity.
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Rondin Nocturno

Vigilante de un mundo en la noche, el poeta hace la ronda, efectua el rondin por las sorpresas de la materia. Asi es como se fragua el rondin nocturno. La noche tiene relacion arquetipica con el terror y con el placer. Manuel Cuen asume la noche desde la tintura erotica.
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Reina del duende

This nonfiction biography reads like a novel and is just as enjoyable. It is the very well documented and researched story of Pastora Imperio, one of the most famous Spanish flamenco dancers and singers during the last century.

Post Chicano Stress Disorder

In Post Chicano Stress Disorder, Riley spits sparse bars cadenced by Hip-Hop Mythology, PoMo's nuanced wordplay, and that threshold where the political becomes the factual. Riley's book is a manual, bluesy sheet music, and a slowly-gentrifying, inner-city quirofano, simultaneously. Read Mas!

Julio Cortazar:

Julio Cortazar was one of the best-known writers of the Latin American boom in the nineteen sixties along with Garcia Marquez, Carlos Fuentes, and Vargas Llosa. He was born in Brussels of Argentine parents, and he grew up in Argentina. In his thirties, Cortazar moved to Paris because he did not agree with the government of Juan Domingo Peron
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Miel y Almendras

The beauty salon Cleopatra serves as the nexus where the personal lives of Mouna, Imaan, Nina, Amal and Lailah converge, diverge and mature. Akhtar's book offers readers a view of present day Beirut, a city struggling to get back to some semblance of normalcy after 15 years of civil war.

1Q84, vol. 3

"Things are not what they seem." If Murakami's (After Dark, 2008, etc.) ambitious, sprawling and thoroughly stunning new novel had a tagline, that would be it. Orwellian dystopia, sci-fi, the modern world (terrorism, drugs, apathy, pop novels)all blend in this dreamlike, strange and wholly unforgettable epic.

Vive como puedas
This is a humorous novel in the black comedy mode where the pathos falls flat although there are moments of beauty and some of the characters do strike a chord.
Coleccion Reinas y Cortesanas
The Reinas y Cortesanas collection presents biographies of women who have aspired to or held positions of authority and were a dynamic presence in their constituents' lives throughout history.
The Distance Between Us

Reyna Grande's candid storytelling, conversational and forthright writing style make this book special. Her story of struggle, survival and success keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end. Read Mas!

El ano del calipso

The story revolves around a young man's ambivalence regarding his own sexuality when he experiences a strong sexual attraction for the athletic and muscular gardener who works in the neighborhood. To cope with these feelings, the young man proceeds to separate his 'self' into two entities; that of the man "Fernando" and the woman "Victoria".
Nosotros, Los Otros: Las Distintas Caras De La Discriminacion

Victor Ronquillo, an investigative reporter from Mexico, has taken on the ambitious project of investigating social rights, social injustice and violence among the less fortunate citizens in Mexico.
Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club

Anyone who lives in or frequents the El Paso area has heard of the Kentucky Club, the legendary bar in neighboring Juarez once visited in its heyday by movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Steve McQueen and John Wayne. The club, still in existence, plays a role in each of the 7 stories published in this wonderful new collection by that prolific chronicler of the West Texas border region, Benjamin Saenz. Each story is a masterpiece of modern romantic angst, bad decision-making and genuine heartache.


This brief novel is made up of nine short tales tied together around the colorful character of Trafalgar Medrano. He travels through different worlds and dimensions, later meeting several friends and acquaintances in venues very different from his native Rosario (Argentina).

Calligraphy of the Witch

Arte Publico Press has brought out a new edition of Alicia Gaspar de Alba's beautiful story of a mother's love for her daughter. Concepcion Benavidez would never have imagined that her life would turn out the way it did - indentured in a convent, escaping only to become a slave and hunted as a witch.

El secreto del tio Oscar

Lucas, a shy 19 year old, unexpectedly inherits a 1981 VW Beetle from his uncle Oscar whom he barely knew. After his first ride driving it to college, he falls in love with the car. He soon realizes, however, that the car is leading him toward the secret message of Oscar's dying wish. With the help of his college friends, Lucas deciphers the message and tries to carry out his uncle's dying request complicating his life while bringing to light family secrets.

The Forgetting River: A Modern Tale of Survival, Identity, and the Inquisition

This is a fascinating look at how genealogical research uncovered pieces of the history of the Sephardic culture not only in Spain, but also as it existed in the New World, and the effect this culture has had on the Catholicism practiced in these areas even today. It is a lovely testament to one woman's passion for the unknown as well as an evocative look at a little-known corner of Spain.
Country of the Bad Wolfes: A Novel

There are very few historical fiction novels that are this thrilling and suspenseful, rife with unforgettable, loviable characters. Blake's captivating saga full of treachery and adventure takes the reader on a journey following three generations of the Wolfe family from their pirate adventures in New Hampshire in 1828 to their exploits in the Mexican Revolution.

Gangland : The Rise of the Mexican Drug Cartels from El Paso to Vancouver

Langton's book gives excellent insight into the origins, the daily life and inner workings of the Mexican drug cartels and drug trafficking throughout Mexico, crossing over into the United States and Canada. He examines the politics of these countries and their policies that seek to end the growing number of gangs, murders and crimes due to the narcotics trade.

La carroza de Bolivar

Para quienes les gusta la novela historica, esta novela que provoca el pensamiento mas de la cuenta. Acaso lo que se ha aprendido en la escuela es solo una historia embellecida.

Not Myself Without You

In 1950s Puerto Rico, a mix of Caribbean, Central American, Spanish and US influences come together to create an intergenerational family experience of magic, trauma, love and mirth. This memoir-based fiction integrates the economic, political, ethnic and social conditions of the times through character interactions, newspaper excerpts, spirits, and dreams.
The Tortilla Maker

Grandmothers, kitchens, tortillas, music, and labor in a small, dusty, Mexican town. The Tortilla Maker is both a memoir and homage to the author's family that takes place primarily in Nacozari, Sonora, Mexico and follows the family's journey into the U.S. The story begins with the family preparing for an early Sunday morning mass in the town church. Loreta de Arvizu,'Nacho' opens with this scene evoking the nostalgia and familiarity that are prominent throughout the story.

El circo de la noche

Montserrat Trivino Gonzalez produces a wonderful translation of Erin Morgenstern's popular novel, The Night Circus. The story of Marco and Celia, two star-crossed lovers bound to play a game that can only leave one winner, is just as enchanting in Spanish as it is in English.

La princesa perdida

After the death of her mother, Akhtar starts looking for her biological father she never knew. This is a captivating story that will take you from New York to Beirut, from London to New Delhi

Masculinity and Sexuality in Modern Mexico

This collection of essays paints a portrait of early 20th century Mexico through minute, precise details. Like a pointillist painting, each discrete essay contributes to a cohesive picture of an emergent, modern Mexico. Folded into Mexico's evolving national identity is the socio-cultural issue of gender identity roles.
The Land Grant
Lawyer Alejandro Del Fuerte, as arrogant as he is young, takes on a case no one else will touch, that of a land grant dating from Spanish colonial times that has apparently been fraudulently awarded to none other than the local Catholic diocese. Previous prosecutors ended up either dead or in the state mental hospital.

A chilling tale of American apartheid, and the power of love, myth and community. In the near future, color-coded tattoos and surgically implanted tracking devices are mandated for ethnic undesirables and their sympathizers. As in other dystopian novels, the characters in Ink struggle to retain their humanity amid officially sanctioned brutality.

Latinnovating: Green American Jobs and the Latinos Creating Them
Latinnovating (Lah-TEE-no-vay-ting). If the title doesn't catch your attention, author Graciela Tiscareno-Sato's inspiring stories will. The ten Latinos she profiles are making a significant impact on the growing green economy through culturally inspired innovation and resourcefulness.
Borderlines: Drawing Border Lives/Fronteras: Dibujando las Vidas

Breathtaking words and art pay homage to people living on the border
between Texas and Tamaulipas, Mexico. This husband and wife team have won many awards for their solo works. Together, they collaborate on exquisite sociological portraits in charcoal, pastel and poetry.
Escupiran sobre mi tumba. (Moriras manana, vol.3) Resena en espanol.

Con este libro, Bayly culmina su trilogia "Moriras manana" en la que Javier Garces, escritor peruano convertido en asesino, continua sus andanzas, esta vez en Argentina donde decide matar algunas personas mas porque lo humillaron o estafaron alguna vez.
Rebelion Teamster

In this book, Farrell Dobbs, one of the organizers of the landmark strike of 1934 against the trucking companies operating in Minneapolis, provides an insider's look at the struggles of Teamster Local 574 and how the Local became a vigorous social force in the city.

Women Warriors of the Afro-Latina Diaspora

The complex identity of Latinas of African descent, and the personal stories and projects of a selection of Afro-Latina activists and advocates, are explored in this similarly multidimensional book. The eleven essays in English and four poems in Spanish that comprise this work are sometimes academic in tone, sometimes political, sometimes even spiritual but always personal and engaging to read.
Rafa: Mi historia

It is impossible not to be impressed by the accomplishments of twenty-five year old Spanish tennis phenomenon Rafael Nadal. He is the only tennis player to have won all four Grand Slam events in the same year and the youngest of the seven players who have won all four titles to date. Nadal's autobiography, written in conjunction with award-winning journalist John Carlin impresses the reader with Nadal's ability to simultaneously be an intimidating and aggressive player and a humble, polite person on and off the court.
El lector de Julio Verne: La guerrilla de Cencerro y el Trienio del Terror, Jaeen, Sierra sur, 1947-1949. [Review in Spanish]

A travEs de la vida, los seres humanos vivimos momentos dificiles; la diferencia esta en la edad en que se experimenten los mismos. En esta novela, la autora Almudena Grandes narra las experiencias que llevan a un nino de 11 anos a no desear ser como su papa. Los sucesos de ese verano marcaron su vida y le llevaron a vivir el mas grande y vertiginoso proceso de madurez, no solo a nivel fisico sino emocional y moral.

El lector de Julio Verne: La guerrilla de Cencerro y el Trienio del Terror, Jaen, Sierra sur, 1947-1949.

Throughout life human beings undergo difficult times, the younger you are, the harder it can be and hard lessons are not likely to be forgotten. In this novel the author, Almudena Grandes narrates the experiences that lead an 11-year-old boy to recognize that in war the politicians' enemy is not necessarily his and why he does not want to be like his father.
La Cola de la Serpiente [Review in English]

Sometimes the most tragic events in life lead us to make decisions that break the law. This is what happens to Mario Conde in the new detective novel by author Leonardo Padura.

The Rise of Marco Rubio

For the reader who is interested in politics or intrigued by Marco Rubio and his rapid rise in politics, this book gives a rare, fascinating and objective glimpse into his life. Beginning with his family's life in Cuba: from his great-grandmother who lived in a poor, rural area and was a single mother to his grandparents that emigrated to the United States in 1956. Roig-Franzia's writing is flawless: he combines important political and historical information and presents it in a layman-style language that the reader can understand.

La cola de la serpiente [review in Spanish]

En ocasiones los eventos mas tragicos de la vida nos llevan a tomar decisiones que van mas alla de lo legalmente aceptable. Esto es lo que ocurre con el personaje principal Mario Conde en esta nueva novela detectivesca del autor Leonardo Padura y su coleccion Andanzas.

La Vida tiene Valores

La Vida Tiene Valores (Life has Values) focuses on three major causes of juvenile delinquency. These are: lack of parent leadership, violence in the home and child sexual abuse. The author, Juan Villegas, is more than qualified to share his views on this subject, having been in law enforcement in Orange County, California, for over 22 years and an instructor for the Orange County ShortStop juvenile crime prevention program for more than 11 years.

Curandera. 30th Anniversary Edition

Using stories from her own life, Carmen Tafolla writes of the struggles she encountered as a Chicana growing up in San Antonio, TX, during the 1970s. Her struggles motivated her to go to college and earn a Ph.D. in Bilingual Education. After earning her Ph.D., she began writing poems about her home life and the spirit healing (curanderismo) she witnessed as a young girl. This is the 30th anniversary edition of Tafolla's 1983 book Curandera which is now one of the many books banned from Arizona classrooms.

Guantanamo: Diez anos

This book is a review of the last ten years of Guantanamo being used to house Al Qaida/Taliban prisoners. As a journalist with a special interest in the treatment of those prisoners, Emma Reverter has traveled several times to visit prisoners there as well as a few ex-prisoners who have been returned to civilian life but have not been allowed to return to the Pakistan/Afghanistan area or to their homelands if elsewhere.
Billy the Kid and Other Plays

Humorous, thrilling and at times tragic, rarely does a book cause one to laugh out loud and later shed tears of sadness as this one does. Billy the Kid and Other Plays is powerful, sheer mastery unified by vividly blending the common themes of nostalgia, romance, suspense and humor throughout the seven plays which center around New Mexico and the Southwest region of the United States.

Escupiran sobre mi tumba. (Moriras manana, vol. 3)

With this book, Bayly finishes his Trilogy "Moriras manana", in which the Peruvian writer turned murderer, Javier Garces, arrives in Argentina where he plans to kill 5 more people who, he says, humiliated or cheated him not so long ago.
Viviendo los principios espirituales de salud y bienestar
The authors outline the basic aspects that affect physical health and present a 30 day program for achieving good health and wellness.
Las circunstancias obligaban : homoerotismo, identidad y resistencia

En este ensayo, Javier Ugarte Perez resume el producto de su investigacion, analisis y revision de literatura en torno a las diversas manifestaciones, definiciones y acercamientos que se le ha dado a traves de la historia al tema del homoerotismo. Ubica su analisis historico-politico-economico en el contexto de la cultura occidental y europea.
Devil's Tango: How I Learned the Fukushima Step by Step

Pineda is best known for her fiction (The Love Queen of the Amazon, Face, Frieze), but this book is a departure from fiction. It is somewhat difficult to categorize in any particular genre. The topic is the disaster that took place at Japana's Fukushima power plants in March 2011 as a result of the earthquake and tsunami. Read more!

Cross Over Water

What begins as a typical story of Latino teen angst concludes with an expression of love and loyalty that stretches beyond its physical time and place to the universal meaning of 'familia'. This is a nicely written novel, very evocative of time and place, with surprising twists leading to a satisfying conclusion.
Mi amado Marques
The Spanish translation of The Seduction of an English Scoundrel, the first of nine Boscastle family books by Hunter.
600 haikus: agudezas en verso
Even those unfamiliar with haiku will be delighted with this anthology full as it is of Mexican mischief and humor. Lopez Moctezuma finds inspiration for his 600 haiku in topics as diverse and deep as love, suicide or injustice.
Las mujeres en Cuba: Haciendo una revolucion dentro de la revolucion
This publication is part of a series published by Pathfinder Press on the subject of the Cuban revolution and its heroes. This book profiles the leading role of three distinguished women and their struggles, recognizing their fundamental role in the revolution
Guerrero espiritual: Conquistando a los enemigos de la mente
This book belongs to a series where the author offers advice on how to eliminate common emotional problems, keeping in mind that all are servants of Krishna. He shows an ample knowledge on psychology, but always tied to his religious beliefs. This Spanish edition, however, suffers from flaws that sacrifice reliability.
Loa a un Angel

The first novel in Corpi's classic Gloria Damasco detective series is now available in Spanish translation.

Che Guevara: Espiritu de la revolucion

A resource on the life of Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, this illustrated biography highlights the tumultuous rise of Che's leadership in the Cuban revolution and aftermath; providing insightful narration from Ernestito's birth in Argentina, purported suicide, to Africa, Asia, Europe and his subsequent capture and death by a reluctant executioner in Bolivia.
Guerreros y estrategas. Escipion: el general que salvo a Roma
Military innovator. Diplomatic leader. Skilled orator. These are among the many ways to describe Publio Cornelio Escipion (236-183 BC), credited with leading the Romans to glory in their fight against the Carthaginians during the Punic Wars. With descriptive tales of battle and an effective use of passages from Greek and Roman historians of the time, Koppen's telling conveys the greatness of Escipion, later known as Escipion "el Africano" (Eng., Scipio Africanus) due to his victory against Hannibal on that continent.
Writing Immigration: Scholars and Journalists in Dialogue

This is a wonderful book and a sad book simultaneously.

As If the Empty Chair: Poems for the Disappeared
In the 70's and 80's thousands of Latin Americans were abducted, tortured,
and killed under brutal regimes. These poems capture the longing, rage, and sorrow of loved ones left behind in a kaleidoscope of grief without closure.
Mas alla de la justicia

Como su propio titulo indica, la novela de Maria va mas alla de los limites de lo justo y lo injusto, de lo lacito e ilicito, del crimen y del castigo. Enmarcada en un Seattle un tanto demacrado por la desolacion que lo circunscribe, la obra, cercana en genero a la novela negra o de detectives, se desarrolla a tres voces, en ocasiones alineadas y afinadas, y, en otras, como sus propias duenas, aturdidas y desaforadas.

American Copia: An Immigrant Epic

Author Huerta is a hungry man in many ways. He loves the new foods he discovers in the big American chain stores and the diversity of people he encounters. His evident delight in the behavior of both newcomers and natives is insatiable. His voracious appetite for life makes for good storytelling.
King of the Chicanos

For those who enjoy books written by and/or
about Latinos, Manuel Ramos's King of the Chicanos will be a disappointment. The narrative is bare bones, lacking ambiance and effective detail, written in a lackluster style.
Life after College: A Guide for Undocumented Students

Drawing from her own experience as an immigrant, Iliana Perez has compiled a guide to help undocumented students who want to pursue higher education and set career goals.
Marcos, el enmascarado de estambre: biografia no-velada

In this novella by celebrated contemporary Mexican author Guillermo Samperio, the reader is presented with a portrait of Subcomandante Marcos, the leader of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) rebel movement. Samperio's experimental writing style lends itself well to this profile of the mysterious and perhaps romanticized guerilla leader.

Partners in Crime: A Rafe Buenrostro Mystery
Lieutenant Detective Rafe Buenrostro is back! Hinojosa ably implements the classic elements that make Partners in Crime a thriller that will appeal to readers of mysteries and suspense.
Three Messages and a Warning: Contemporary Mexican Short Stories of the Fantastic
Billing itself as the first of its kind, Three Messages and a Warning consists of 34 Mexican fantasy short stories, half of which were written by women and most by unknowns. The collection crosses the fantasy spectrum from ghosts and the supernatural to a heavy dose of the apocalypse giving the reader a taste that goes beyond the political and historical flavors found so often in contemporary Mexican fiction.
Muerte del inquisidor
This book presents a grim picture of the Inquisition in Racalmuto, Sicily during the Seventeenth Century. During this time, Friar Diego La Matina was judged as a heretic and sentenced to death by burning at the stake.
Mae West y yo
Mendicutti is a writer who enjoys a solid reputation in Spain, his native country. His latest novel is about Felipe, a newly retired diplomat who is also a ventriloquist and has been diagnosed with a serious illness. At the prospect of his pending mortality, he decides to take a summer vacation in the town he where grew up, leaving his three ventriloquist dummies - Marilyn, Mae West and Marlene - in Madrid.
Un buen morir: Encontrando sentido al proceso de la muerte
To understand and work with a dying person helps people accept and manage their own outcome or death as a natural process with all its human and spiritual implications. This is the concept that author Daniel Behar brings to this book.
The Madness of Mama Carlota
In her new novel, award winning author Graciela Limon takes on the war to liberate Mexico from France and Empress Carlota, also known as Mama Carlota.
Ciento: One Hundred 100-Word Love Poems
Lorna Dee Cervantes' poetry is dazzling. Her collection of 100 poems of 100 words rides the force of romantic love, catapulting the reader into deft word play and vibrant emotionality. The title itself is a play on words--ciento (100) and siento (I feel).
Tamales, Comadres and the Meaning of Civilization: Secrets, Recipes, Anecdotes, and a Lot of Fun
This is a joyous ode to the biography, history and geography of making
Nueva York [New York]
This book would not be an ideal selection for public libraries with large Spanish-speaking constituencies. Depending on the general level of education of the community, public libraries should purchase with discretion. Academic libraries may benefit from adding this book as reading material for advanced Spanish language students.
At Risk: Latino Children's Health
This book is a very well researched and presented scholarly work on Latino children's health. The editors are professors of epidemiology, public health and human nutrition that bring a wealth of knowledge, training and experience in public health education and publishing. The authors are concerned that the future health of the United States is tied to children's health, and in particular, Latino children.
Diabetes Mellitus: Una Guia Practica
This inclusive guide covers many aspects of diabetes, including the definition, history and types of diabetes as well as medical treatments for this condition.
Ausencia de felicidad: la historia de Helen Schucman, la escriba de Un curso de milagros
In this book, Wapnick tells about the struggles Helen Schucman faced in the early years, how 'Un curso de milagros' came to be written and the experiences she had after writing that book.
The Dog Who Spoke and More Mayan Folktales / El perro que hablo y mas cuentos mayas
An engaging collection of 33 tales from Lake Atitlan, a rural area of the Guatemalan highlands in the southwestern part of the country in which the oral culture plays a vital role in people’s lives
Potenciar la energia: sencillo y natural [Quick and Easy Energy Boosters]
Janet Wright is a British journalist who writes about health topics. She consulted many specialists for this book about maximizing energy for a healthier lifestyle.

A Voice of My Own: Essays and Stories
In the essays and stories contained in this book, author Rolando Hinojosa makes effective use of his experience as a professor and his life experience as a Texas-Mexican.
The poems are home to a rich life matured in sadness. Balingit "fling[s] words like confetti" and opens a multitude of worlds to witness, to melt from within and to love, as conscious steps into what makes a human being a human.
The Buena Salud Guide to Diabetes and Your Life: A National Alliance for Hispanic Health Book (Buena Salud Guides)/La guia de Buena Salud sobre la diabetes y tu vida
The president and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health wrote these books as part of the Buena Salud series which aims to educate Latinos about a variety of health issues common to the community.
Los numeros del amor: Descubre como la Numerologia puede ayudarte a encontrar el amor de tu vida
When Glynis McCants wrote her book "El poder de los numeros", only one chapter dealt with love. She promised herself that her next book would be dedicated exclusively to love.
Here Lies Lalo: The Collected Poems of Abelardo Delgado
In Arturo Aldama's forward to this collection of poems (1969-2001), Lalo's trademark voice - ya basta, huelga, ajuuuja - and his knowing laugh are palpable. That's how Lalo celebrated his borderland identity." It is evident in Lalo's body of work that he knew that he and thousands like him live on the borders (by necessity or by choice).
On hallowed ground: A Willie Cuesta mystery
Award-winning journalist and novelist Lantigua has done it again as readers sojourn with private investigator Willie Cuesta in this superb fast-paced thriller about an affluent Colombian family in Key Biscayne, Florida. Carmen Estrada's husband was killed after being kidnapped from his home in Colombia.
Despierta del Sueno: Una presentacion de un curso de milagros
The duel between God and the ego and how to resolve it
La dieta paleolitica. La paleodieta: pierda peso y gane con la dieta ancestral que la naturaleza diseno para usted
For more than twenty years, Loren Cordain, a world authority on dietetics and nutrition, has been researching aspects of the genetics, food and anthropology of the Paleolithic Era.
El exito empieza en casa: Guia escolar para padres e hijos latinos
This book is an accessible guide for parents who are unfamiliar with the educational system in the U.S. It provides practical information on how to navigate and succeed in the school system along with opinions and analysis of educational issues in general.
La fugitiva
Ramirez was vice-president of Nicaragua from 1984 to 1990 and is the author of 41 books, including nine novels. In this novel, he creates the beautiful Amanda Solano, based on the life of Costa Rican author Yolanda Oreamuno.
Una introduccion basica a un curso en milagros
A course about spiritual experiences difficult to comprehend.
The Jackets
A collection of gritty stories of women's hopes and heartaches
Memorias de un Exorcista: Mi lucha contra Satanas
Readers whose knowledge of exorcism encompasses a one-time viewing of the movie "The Exorcist" are in for a treat.
El misterio de Alma Rossi
In this second volume of Bayly's trilogy 'Moriras manana', a well-known Peruvian writer, when told he has only a few months to live, decides to use the time he has left to "cleanse" the world of fiction writers.
La muerte de Montaigne
Edwards's latest book is part historical novel and part biographical essay. Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) was one of the fathers of modern essay and an author with particular influence in Spanish literature.
La mujer del coronel
Politics and sex may seem to be odd bedfellows, but Montaner manages to juxtapose these two elements in a steamy story. In a dystopian Cuban landscape, Coronel Arturo Gomez, stationed in Angola, and his wife, Nuria, a marriage counselor are victims of the culture of machismo and government infiltration into their personal lives...
Outlaw: The Collected Works of Miguel Pinero
Arte Publico Press long-awaited publication of poetry and plays by Pinero - Nuyorican poet, playwright, actor and television screenwriter, who described himself as a thief, a junkie I have been/committed every known sins and co-founder of the Nuyorican's Cafe
Paraiso portatil/Portable Paradise
Mario Bencastro presents a rich and varied portrayal of the immigrant experience in the dual language poetry and prose collection Paraiso portatil/Portable Paradise.
El ruido de las cosas al caer
In this novel, which won the Alfaguara Prize for Best Novel 2011 (Premio Alfaguara de Novela 2011), Antonio Yammara, like many Colombians in the early 1990s, has become accustomed to a life constantly exposed to accounts of drug trafficking violence.